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2009.10.01 Marilith Volume 2 is now available at Indy Planet for $19.95.

2009.09.23 Moving is the worst thing ever, don't ever move. I'll have an update ready next Tuesday.

2009.09.16 Sorry to be behind schedule again, I'm moving this week. Thankfully, Anon has stepped up with some art in my abscence.

2009.09.09 I'm running late tonight, I'll try to post a comic by Friday morning.

2009.08.12 That's the end of this chapter, I'll start posting November next Tuesday.
I have two ebay auctions going, one for Charlie with Vespa and the old Marilith banner stand used at Otakon last year.

2009.07.30 Well, that's the end, folks. Look for a book in a few weeks.

2009.06.30 I'll be on vacation these next two weeks, so I'm posting a desktop by Fernando. There'll be an update coming on Thursday, but not next week.

2009.06.22 Sorry, I can't make today's comic. I'll post on Thursday

2009.06.01 Real Life (tm) is kicking my ass this week, I'll try to get an update out Thursday.

2009.05.12 I'm auctioning off October's cover here.

2009.05.07 Woo! New desktop for this month:

2009.04.26 I updated the gallery with several drawings of Charlie by Anonimino. We bounced a lot of ideas back and forth to come up with Charlie's design, you can see a lot of her earlier incarnations there.

Also by Krazy Krow:
2008.08.05 Deviant Art.

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