Character The Doctor

The Doctor has been Marilith's personal physician for years, keeping gunshot wounds off the books for a (somewhat) reasonable price.

Character Nurse Wendy

Nurse Wendy is the assistant of The Doctor, famed for her huge... personality.

Character Minh Johnson

Minh has been the best friend of Marilith since university. Now he works as a computer security specialist, specializing in the illegal.

Character Kimiko Nakamura

Kimiko is the heiress to the Hello Kitty empire, and was formerly kidnapped by Marilith. They have since become friends, and work as partners in the assassination trade.

Character Marilith Millions

Marilith has worked as an assassin for the past five years, but she's now looking to retire. Her previous retirement plan consisted of holding Kimiko for ransom, but that ended in failure. Marilith is now working to flee to Argentina.

Character Cali

Cali is an arms dealer, and has been a personal friend of Marilith for a number of years. Marilith and Kimiko are currently guests at his mansion.

Character Christi O'Reilly

Detective O'Reilly was assigned to track down Kimiko after she was kidnapped. Christi is the straight-laced "good cop" assigned to Wong to keep him in line.

Character Mark Wong

Detective Wong has a long history of bending the rules, and was assigned Christi as a partner to keep him in check. They've since become good friends.

Character Marshall Hunter

Hunter is the head of the Hunter Knights, a bounty hunter organization currently tasked with tracking down Marilith. He's ruthless, yet media-savvy.

Character Valentino

Valentino is an assassin, employed by the mysterious J.C. After having her offer of partnership snubbed by Marilith, she's become her arch-nemesis.
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